What’s the antidote to The Great Resignation?

Is Learning and Development the antidote to the great resignation? Find out the answer in our blog.

The Great Resignation is giving HR teams around the globe a hammering. Not only are they facing the demands of high-volume recruitment, they’re at risk of stress, burnout and losing talent from their own teams.

But these days it takes more than a great salary and benefits package to stop people from walking out. The key to retention is learning and development. Because if you support your teams to develop and grow, they’ll reward you with loyalty.

The Great Resignation

According to PwC’s Global Workforce Hope and Fears Survey, one in five employees are likely to switch to a new employer in the next 12 months. And HR professionals will feel the brunt.

Businesses are struggling to attract and retain staff. When Natural HR surveyed over 100 HR leaders from across the UK, 45% said that talent recruitment is the most difficult challenge they face, with recruitment and retention of employees topping the priority list for 67%.

All that off the back of Covid and leading the transition to hybrid working. It’s no wonder that stress and burnout are a real threat – especially to top performers. In fact, according to research from Wellbeing Partners, 94% of HR managers feel they are burnt out.

People are hungry for learning

So how do you hang onto your team? Gone are the days of employees being satisfied by decent pay alone. The pandemic reminded us all that life is short. We want more meaning, more connection and more purpose. And if as an employer you give each individual the chance to maximise their potential, you’re onto a winner.

According to McKinsey: “Employees are looking for jobs with better, stronger career trajectories. They desire both recognition and development.” And this is echoed by Britt Andreatta in Forbes: “Millennials list ‘opportunities to learn and grow’ as one of the key elements they are looking for in an employer, and it’s also one of the top reasons they leave an employer.”

Keep great talent by offering great training

So great learning and development makes for an attractive employer. It gets the best out of teams: opening individuals up to greater job satisfaction, new opportunities and internal progression. A culture of learning and development increases loyalty, motivation and engagement, reduces turnover, and builds stronger teams. To put it bluntly: it stops people leaving.

Mitigate losses with The Firm’s quality training    

That’s where we come in. Quite simply, we’re here to help your team become true experts in their field and top of their game. 

We do that through:

· High-quality practical training covering every aspect in the TA life cycle.

· Recorded training in easy-to-digest, bite-sized modules, and live and virtual masterclasses to educate and inspire.

· Mentoring and consultancy solutions from professionals with decades of experience and tons of passion.

· Bi-monthly industry reports which share valuable industry trends and insider knowledge.

· A comprehensive library of templates and resources, delivering best practice and saving time.

NFU Mutual are a great example of the impact our resources can have. 

The Firm’s network can help prevent burnout

But it’s not only our great training and resources that will keep your team on board and thriving.

We have an exceptional community. Our membership spans 67 countries, ranging from sole recruiters to teams from major international companies including Nestlé, BBC and Ernst &Young. That’s a hell of a lot of expertise. And a bounty of supportive colleagues.

We give our members opportunities and tools for networking, sharing ideas and supporting each other. Our messaging platform and virtual round tables give members the opportunity to put their heads together and discuss challenges they’re facing – and all importantly – find solutions that work.

And being able to chew over issues with people who also know the highs and lows of the professional can be hugely supportive, especially in times of stress. As Nigel Lawrence from InTapp puts it: 

“It has been extremely beneficial gaining insights into best practice from industry experts and discussing ideas with peers working within the UK marketplace. Working remotely has had a massive impact on recruiters and it is great to know that there is a friendly, responsive network of peers going through similar challenges.”

Make a bold statement 

Signing your team up for membership is a real statement. It lets them know, in no uncertain terms, that they count. That you value them. That you will support them to be the best they can be. And who wants to leave an organisation like that?

Want to support and retain your team?

Get in touch to discuss how The Firm can support and develop your team.


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