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Our online training modules are perfect for busy Talent Acquisition professionals.  With bite-sized sessions available at any time, you can access learning and development opportunities lead by experts. 

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PSL Toolkit – Narrated

This comprehensive guide to setting up a PSL is the narrated version, with a speaker icon at the bottom of......

Choosing an ATS

Choosing a new piece of tech can be one of the more difficult decisions within recruitment. Get it right and......

A Guide to Workforce Planning

Kevin Hough introduces different types of workforce planning and best practices to make it work for you. Login

A Guide to Building an Employee Referral Program

Brought to you by Alex Barry, this will help you create or enhance your existing ERP. Login

Developing an Employee Value Proposition (part 2)

How to Craft and Bring Your EVP to Life - the second in our series, with key tips and ideas......

Developing an Employee Value Proposition (part 1)

A guide to help you develop an effective and authentic Employee Value Proposition. When you've watched part 1, don't forget......

How to Build a Business Case 

Ben Gledhill talks through best practice approaches to making a compelling business case. Login

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Settings

A 25-minute session hosted by Ben Williams from Business Psychology firm Sten10, which will help you to: Understand what the......

Inclusive Hiring – Awareness Test

This video is a thought-provoking one and supports the content in The FIRM's inclusive Hiring training Login

Online Training: Video In Recruitment – Episode 2

Stephen has been advertising vacancies for over 30 years, and is also the founder of The NORAs, RECex, and co-founder......

Online Training: Video in Recruitment – Episode 1

Stephen has been advertising vacancies for over 30 years, and is also the founder of The NORAs, RECex, and co-founder of......

Thriving in a Crazy-Busy World

In a crazy-busy world managing all our commitments and responsibilities for work, family, friends and have some “me-time” is challenging.......