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Join Emma and Aileen from Disruptive Executive Hiring on The Resilience Workshop which will introduce you to the multiple costs of stress, how to evaluate your resilience and how to create a toolkit for success. *Please note that this session is for premium members of The FIRM only

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Another successful London #FIRMday – some insights and best practice..

Last month saw in-house recruiters from across the country come together for the London #FIRMday conference. The event covered a number of topical subjects which helped to both expose and understand key challenges in-house recruiters face.

The day provided an excellent platform for recruiters to gain insight and knowledge about how other organisations operate. With guest speakers covering a range of topics, alongside strategies and solutions, a number of themes became apparent throughout the day.

With “Millennials” or the “Gen Y” group accounting for a large proportion of many workforces, a common problem faced by in-house recruiters was how to attract them?

56% of global leaders say that their team’s hiring volume will increase this year

Various sessions focussed on the importance of making engagement the central focus of future talent acquisition strategies. And by elevating your employer brand and communicating day to day work life with your audience, you increase your company’s profile and engage directly with candidates.

Storytelling and showcasing your company in a way that is easily understood by candidates helps to entice them to work for you. There is synergy between the emotional engagement of talent and the stories you’re trying to tell as a company; our brains function on simplicity and therefore things should be told in a narrative, in a story format that our brains are open to receive and digest.

Your EVP also plays a crucial role in attraction. Some interesting figures from a Reed survey that was conducted by over 2000 people suggest that employees want the recognition from their employer about the importance of a work-life balance. Closely followed were flexibility and an excellent pension scheme.

21% of employees believe they’re currently in their dream job

So what can we take away from the day? Well certainly to think Simple, Tripwire, Emotional, Practical, Storytelling, “STEPS”, for all future recruitment strategies and to look at the process from the perspective of the candidate. Are you engaging enough and are you able to offer a solid EVP that will differentiate you from your competitor?

Thanks to our sponsors and members for another fantastic day!

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