The FIRM’s Manchester Autumn Conference 2019

Breakfast & networking: From 8.30am

Presentations & Roundtables: From 9.00am

Close of Day: 4.30pm

Presentations include...

Xref: The great debate: is reference checking dead?

Join Xref's GM, Robin Clarke and panel guests for what is set to be a lively debate about the value and place of reference checks in recruitment today. Are reference checks providing any real insights and value? What are the risks of not reference checking our new hires? How are big businesses around the globe doing it... or are they not?

Chatter: The Art of Using Social Media to Effectively Support your Employer Brand

Join Alex Blow (Account Manager, Chatter) & Lyndsey Marshall (Resourcing Business Partner, O2) as they talk through how a bold approach to social media strategy has allowed O2 to refine and focus their messaging, resulting in more followers, more engagement and more applications:

  • Reviewing old content & listening to the audience
  • Defining a strategy that works with a people plan
  • Generating scalable content in a widespread business
  • Improving quality of engagement and applications

Jobtrain: Can technology help deliver a more human recruitment experience?

One of the most significant changes facing recruitment is the rapid development of tech and the overwhelming choice available, but can it actually help us to be more human?

Join Giles Heckstall-Smith, Director of Strategic Development at Jobtrain to explore and reveal how technology can deliver the ‘3 Es’: Empowerment, Engagement and Efficiency to give us more time, ways and opportunities to connect with people.

VideoMyJob: Why Video In Recruitment, and Why Now?

Text-based job ads have been around for literally hundreds of years, and did not change with the advent of the internet. Long job specs in black text on a white background just aren't working any more. The law of diminishing returns is affecting your response rates, and far more irrelevant candidates are applying.

Join Stephen O’Donnell, GPM EMEA with VideoMyJob and Founder of the NORAs as he demonstrates how candidates' expectations are changing rapidly, and how they respond to video communications (including job adverts) in ways that will shock you. Global employers are seeing dramatic improvements to their hiring metrics when they give prospective employees a far more authentic insight to their organisations.

Cornerstone - Internal Mobility: the silver hiring bullet or just wishful thinking?

Whilst every company has the option to hire and promote from within, organisational culture often stops it happening successfully and consistently, resulting in ongoing employee churn and the never-ending external hiring cycle. But with the advent of the internal career centre, and a more consumerised approach to internal hiring, is it time to put control into the hands of the employee rather than the manager? Find out in this session how the future of internal hiring is being shaped by Netflix style thinking.

Totaljobs: Candidate attraction and the rise of the ‘Northern Pound’

The UK’s increasingly mobile workforce puts employers based in the North in a good position to expand their talent pools beyond their local area. Benefits of living and working in the North include lower living costs and better worklife balance – so how can employers utilise this to promote their employer brand? Totaljobs will be delving into our research on the rise of the Northern Pound to look at this further.

Tribepad: Contract v Perm – How to consider the benefits of a flexible specialist contingent workforce whilst engaging, promoting and retaining permanent talent

Join Tom Beale, Recruitment Advisor at Medical Protection Society to discuss:

  • Internal utilisation and perception of contractors (specialist projects, BAU resource management, contingent seasonal working)
  • Contractor availability considering the external factors influencing contractor market (Gig Economy, Flexibility, Portfolio careers, IR35, Recruitment Agencies/ Direct Hire recruitment teams)
  • Permanent retention and development to stretch staff and the attitude towards contractors having the ‘rock star salary’ and ‘all the exciting jobs’

Katrina Collier: Robotic Recruiters: The Death of Candidate Engagement

If you received your message what would you do with it? Do you even ponder this before you hit send or leave your voicemail? Tech has given recruiters all of these tools to spam candidates in 100 different ways, but if just sending a message worked we wouldn't be seeing such a drop in response rates. So why is it happening? Why is candidate ghosting now a thing? In this session you'll discover:

  • How candidates have turned the tables and why it's costing you that great hire
  • What you can do to improve your response rates and attract candidates more effectively
  • How to stop candidate ghosting!

The FIRM: Internal Mobility

Emma Mirrington reveals The FIRM’s latest research into internal recruitment. We explore members current approaches to internal recruitment, whether they are pro-actively practicing internal mobility and of those who are, is it working?

Talent Nexus: How to use content to improve your recruitment success

Content marketing is an essential function of the modern recruitment team. In this session Rob Prince, Client Services Director, will show you how to use content to generate recruitment success. He’ll also provide specific examples of how content can help you to achieve your essential recruitment objectives. In this session you will:

  • Discover how content can be effectively used throughout the recruitment process
  • Find out how content campaigns can be mapped against your recruitment challenges and objectives
  • Gain practicable insights on how to quickly improve your job adverts, social media posts, video content, and more
  • Learn how to put together a clear and simple business case for content, that your business will love

There are so many benefits to attending a #FIRMday Conference! But what we hope what you take away from the day is:

  • Great networking with in house recruiter peers
  • Understanding the key challenges facing in-house recruiters today
  • Upskilling/ capability building in a supportive and friendly environment

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