The FIRM’s Cambridge Conference 2019

Breakfast & Networking: From 8.30am

Presentations & Roundtables: From 9.00am


Katherine Ray - Be the CEO of your career

Do you find yourself in a career cul-de-sac? Would you like to take control of your development? Are you struggling with a clear vision for your future career?

We are cobblers children; we spend more time focusing on other people’s careers than our own. Now is the time to take action and start being the CEO of your career.

During this 30-minute session Katherine will look at the key components of a future-proof career in a world which is requiring us to work longer and to constantly reinvent ourselves. She will look at some beliefs about careers and explore some tools and techniques to enable you to create a vision for your career.

Talent Nexus: How can you use video to solve your recruitment problems and activate your employer brand?

In this session, Rob Prince from Talent Nexus, will help to demystify recruitment video, providing specific examples of how using video content will help you to achieve your recruitment objectives. For a long time, video has been held back by either being too expensive for the majority of employers; or created internally with amateur-level kit and rarely with a defined strategy. Now top-quality, professional video is more accessible for employers than ever before. In the session you will:

  • Gain practicable insights about how to use video effectively
  • Find out what works and what common mistakes not to make
  • Learn how to deploy effective video at different stages in the candidate journey

eArcu - Onboarding: Evidence & Imagination

  • The proof from the last 10 years of how it delivers measurable business benefit
  • The next phase: unleashing creativity to inspire your hires.

    Prospects: The graduate job market in the East of England

    Chris Rea from Prospects will present valuable insights into the local labour market, including some of the myths that surround university and the graduate jobs market, issues around graduate migration and social mobility, and regional trends for your area.

    LogicMelon: How to get people to fall in love with your brand

    You know why you need to have a brand that’s recognisable. You know, in principle what that brand message should be made of. But do you really understand how you can get someone to fall in love with your brand? Join Clair Bush, Strategy Director at LogicMelon for this practical and easily actionable presentation that will provide a plethora of tips, tricks and steps you can apply to your brand to create long-lasting, loving relationships.

    The FIRM: Internal Mobility

    Emma Mirrington reveals The FIRM’s latest research into internal recruitment. We explore members current approaches to internal recruitment, whether they are pro-actively practicing internal mobility and of those who are, is it working?

    Recruiting in Cambridgeshire – interactive peer to peer discussions exploring local recruiting challenges and brainstorming solutions

    Further content coming soon...

    There are so many benefits to attending a #FIRMday conference!

    • Great networking with peers
    • Understanding the key challenges facing in-house recruiters today
    • Upskilling/ capability building in a supportive and friendly environment
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