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Oleeo Webinar – Talent Acquisition in New and Uncertain Times: Becoming Part of the Data Revolution

Over the past two years, the average number of applications for roles has doubled. The average number of steps required to source, nurture, and hire a candidate has increased to 91. And the economic uncertainty created Covid-19 means your team and processes need to be more adaptable than ever before. There is a data revolution going on and it is changing the way recruiting leaders and their teams make decisions. Are talent acquisition professionals ready for this revolution? Do they know how to improve outcomes? And, what are some of the best practices around AI and talent insights? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed during this webinar. In this webinar, Talent Acquisition veteran and industry expert Jeanette Leeds Maister will explore this exciting new development in talent acquisition. Discussion topics include:
  • The market need and impact of datafication in recruitment
  • How to enable more efficient recruiting while increasing quality of hire
  • Why recruitment in a time of economic uncertainty is more data-driven
  • How to make automation and data your friend, if not best ally
  • How to hardwire D&I and the use of data into recruitment

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