Hiring Manager Training - Free Taster Session 20th April

Join The FIRM for this FREE live taster session of our Hiring Manager Training exploring what TA is, the high level role of the hiring manager and why this role is so important.

Limited spaces that will be offered on a first come first serve basis, with premium member organisations being offered priority.

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Masterclass – The Ultimate Guide to creating an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience has always been a key priority for employers. However, with the backdrop of a global pandemic and a huge increase in the number of people seeking new jobs, employers are being judged more than ever on how they treat and support their potential employees, and as FIRM research shows, this is putting candidate experience high up on the list of priorities for organisations therefore.

In this session, Sophie Meaney, Managing Director at Amberjack, together will  some of their clients, will share insights around how they have successfully designed and implemented award-winning, candidate centric solutions and delivered exceptional results for their organisations. The session will also aim to dial up capability by focusing on the key aspects of candidate experience including:

  • What Candidate Experience is and why it is important to get it right (made these less question based and more statement based.)
  • What it is that makes the recruitment experience great for candidates
  • How to effectively measure the Candidate Experience in your process.
  • The key elements  and business case for positive Candidate Experience

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