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Masterclass – Social Advertising for In-House Recruitment Professionals

Webinar Overview:

Let’s face it, those buttons on your Facebook page saying “BOOST” or “PROMOTE” may as well say “CLICK ME! CLICK ME!”. You see promoted posts on LinkedIn and Instagram and you also know you need as much exposure for your offering as you can get! Social advertising could be a sound investment for your business – but if you dive in without knowing the basics you are at risk of wasting your hard-earned advertising budget. In this session, we will go through the do’s and don’ts of social advertising so that you can use it to attract those all-important Candidates and build your talent pools.

Learning objectives:

After watching, and acting on the key points of this webinar you will have achieved the following:

• Understanding of the role social advertising plays in building your talent pipeline and supporting your employer brand

• Understand the structure of a successful social advertising campaign

• Awareness of how to maximise your advertising spend

What you’ll get:

• 45-60 Minute Webinar (+ approx 15 mins for questions)

• Presented via Zoom

• Up to 100 Attendees

• Follow up resources supplied via a landing page containing the recording of the Live webinar, Downloadable handout of slides plus additional resources mentioned within the presentation.

Speaker Bio:

This webinar is presented by Christina Robinson who has been working with businesses since 2013 to launch, develop and perfect their online presence. Her cool, calm approach to digital marketing will leave you walking away with practical strategies that you can implement immediately into your business. Christina is driven by the fact that in today’s world, it doesn’t matter how big or small your marketing budget is, you can be a major player in your market. Christina is MD of Green Umbrella Marketing, a digital marketing agency known for providing social media management and coaching services, design and print services, and online marketing strategies.

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