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Annual Report: What to expect from talent acquisition in 2023

The results are in! Our Annual Report 2023 shows that the top three priorities for recruiters haven’t changed – but they’ve jostled for first place!

In our current landscape, with talent availability increasingly scarce, it’s not surprising that companies want to ensure they’re showing potential talent their best self. After spending two years sitting in the third slot, EVP and Employer Brand is the number one recruiter priority for 2023; with 50% of respondents placing it in their top three.

The second biggest priority is ED&I, which held the number one spot for the previous two years, whilst the third slot now goes to candidate experience, which has been sitting in second place, suggesting that both are still high priorities.

Measuring Success

2022’s report showed that time to hire was the most popular metric used to measure success, and it remains the most popular measure this year too.

Despite candidate experience being in the top three recruiter priorities for the last five years (and never out of the top five), only 2% more respondents measured it this year than last (this year is up to 46%). Further to that, last year, a third of respondents felt their recruiters lacked candidate engagement skills – this year, that number is up 3% to 36%. So why aren’t businesses investing in effective candidate engagement training? Would recruiters with this improved skill be able to bring down their time to hire, and give a better candidate experience?

It’s not just candidate engagement that recruiters could be better at either – 54% of respondents this year feel that is a recruiter capability gap, up a whopping 10% in the last 12 months. Download our report to find out what are the biggest areas of concern.

Recruiter workload

The good news is that overall, the average requisition workload handled by recruiters at any one time is down from last year. However, it is still felt that the number of requisitions carried by each recruiter is higher than it ought to be for optimal performance.

So – will this get better any time soon? 39% of TA teams expect to grow next year (34% with perm headcount, 5% with temp headcount), and 56% expect to remain the same (last year 70% of organisations saw their TA teams increase in size in the past year with a mixture of temp and perm headcounts). Combine with that the prediction that 39% think recruitment numbers will remain stable (vs 23% last year) and 50% expect an increase in hiring (vs 72% last year), there’s an indication teams will have the opportunity to stabilise recruiter workloads.

Want to know what recruiters consider the optimum number of roles to work on?
Download the report to find out.

Are you listening to the data?

Social media is the most popular sourcing channel for volume recruiting – but it ranks at #7 when it comes to the most successful source of hire. There’s a lack of correlation between the most popular sourcing channel and the most successful source of hire for executive recruitment too. However, when it comes to early careers and experienced hire recruitment the #1 spot for most popular channel and most successful channel are aligned (for early careers it’s still schools/universities, and for experienced hires, LinkedIn adverts are king). Across all 4 sectors, however, there is disparity beyond the number 1 spot. Are recruiters working harder, instead of smarter?

How does your shop window look?

A careers website is essentially the shop window for a company, a chance to show off your wares. So, we’re always interested to see how companies rate their careers websites. In our 2022 report 49% felt their careers site was average, poor or very poor – previous years were 45%, 51% and 53%. Surely, in a talent-scarce market, companies will have invested in this key area, and not left it another year?  Actually, no – this year 58% felt their site was average, poor or very poor. That’s despite 67% of sites being redesigned in the last 4 years and 55% having refreshed their site content within the last 12 months. If you’re thinking of a site redesign in 2023, will the recruitment team be a key player in the process?

Download the Annual Report now!


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