The Firm’s support is “worth its weight in gold”

5 reasons why The Firm’s support is “worth its weight in gold” to our legal services client, Womble Bond Dickinson.

Sector: Legal

Total employees: 1400

Resourcing team members: 19

Location: UK and US


We’ve had many positive experiences working with the Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) team. In the early days we boosted their very small resourcing team acting as a sounding board and adviser. Since then WBD has leant on our membership and members network to see them through the challenges of the pandemic, furlough and growing into a larger and more strategic resourcing function.

Introducing Womble Bond Dickinson

Womble Bond Dickinson is a full-service legal firm operating in both the UK and US. The business takes pride in its deep local expertise across both sides of the Atlantic, plus its network of close connections all around the globe. The business operates in multiple locations across the UK and the US and hires across the full spectrum of legal and business professional roles and disciplines.

How WBD has reaped numerous rewards through its membership with The Firm.

Over a long-term relationship with WBD, we’ve seen the team grow in size and capabilities. As such they’ve taken advantage of our membership in many ways, including:

  1. Extension of a small team thanks to the knowledge of our members network
  2. Direct support from our experienced practitioners
  3. Learning opportunities to develop a strategic mindset in a growing team
  4. Industry insights to build business cases
  5. Introduction to best-in-class tools and providers

Through this case study, WBD’s Head of Recruitment helps us to share how The Firm has added value in all of the above areas.

Bolstering a small team with our friendly and experienced network.

Connecting with like-minded professionals through our members community is popular amongst all of our clients, but can be an especially useful lifeline for those with smaller teams.

When they first came to us, the resourcing team at WBD was a very small but busy function, facing an ongoing stream of challenging vacancy levels and hiring targets. Samantha (Head of Recruitment) tells us that having access to our wider network and the ability to pick up the phone to our team here at The Firm has acted as an invaluable extension of her team:

“The value of our membership has always been the recruiter network.  This became all the more important to me, and a bit of a lifeline, during the height of the pandemic.  We were navigating so many challenges and The Firm was so helpful in connecting me with other recruiters who knew what we were going through as we were all facing similar issues.” Samantha Lee, Head of Recruitment.

Whether delivering quick tips, learnings, shared strategies or simply the therapy of hearing that other people are facing similar challenges, our community has offered constant support. It was wonderful to see WBD lean on this network from the beginning of their membership as we know the tangible benefits that come from the sharing of best practice between our clients. As Samantha’s team has grown we’re delighted to continue offering this support both through our network and also directly.

Direct support from our experienced practitioners.

Since the early days when WBD’s recruitment function was very small Samantha has been a strong advocate of giving The Firm’s practitioners a call to gain a fresh perspective. It’s a really important aspect of our membership and one that we encourage people to take up. As the WBD team has grown we continue to have these regular conversations to support wherever we can:

“I wouldn’t have survived the last few years without the support we have had from them. It really has been a lifeline. To tap into a group of people that absolutely get it, it’s worth its weight in gold to me.” Samantha Lee, Head of Recruitment.

Our team are ex-practitioners who understand the challenges that the WBD team faces, making these calls both empathetic and practical. Samantha tells us that she appreciates the fact that we’ve “walked in her shoes”. We also don’t underestimate the importance of a morale boost on those days where the to-do list is piling up in front of our clients.

Investing in strategic training to boost metrics and morale.

Like many of our clients, WBD runs a busy function where it can be all too easy to focus 100% of time on operational activity. The outside perspective and development opportunities through their membership of The Firm has enabled the WBD to become more strategic:

I think the investment we have made in the team has helped in terms of recruiter mindset. I really want to achieve a shift in mindset where it feels less transactional and more long term and strategic. The Firm has supported me with this without a doubt.” Samantha Lee, Head of Recruitment.

Through various membership resources, WBD has created engaging development opportunities for its growing team and in turn provided the wider business with a higher level of support. This has included access to online tools and content as well as training sessions delivered by our team at The Firm. The WBD team have attended many of our masterclasses and webinars and take part in our member surveys. We also designed and ran a series of 6 ‘recruiter training sessions’ bespoke to the team.

Industry benchmarking to build out business cases.

The Firm’s member surveys are an opportunity to contribute insights and then to gain access to the overall findings, gaining a comprehensive picture of current trends and benchmarks. WBD has used these reports to heavily inform and refresh their 3 year strategy. Samantha tells us that she likes to “magpie” ideas that she sees implemented in other organisations, whilst also being reassured that they’re performing well across many areas.

Importantly, these benchmarks have been invaluable in presenting business cases to focus on new initiatives. Whilst diversity and inclusion was a stated priority for the business, the prominence and practical planning around this topic has been strongly bolstered thanks to evidence from The Firm.

Following a recent report, WBD was also inspired to simplify its employee referral scheme, removing some of the previous barriers to help grow this key resourcing channel.

Discovering best-in-class suppliers and tools.

Each time the team has embarked on a new initiative or major purchase decision, the Firm and our members have been on tap with advice and learnings.

Samantha’s team’s ability to deliver excellent results for the WBD business has also been enabled thanks to making great procurement decisions. Most recently, the team was due to replace an incumbent ATS provider. Having attended one of our events in London, the WBD team were so impressed with one of our external speakers that they made a last minute change of direction to onboard them as their new supplier.

“What they were demo-ing was something I had never come across before – all the bells and whistles. They just blew me away. It’s been life-changing for us, it’s a brilliant system that came about from our Firm membership” Samantha Lee, Head of Recruitment.

We’re delighted to reflect on the numerous ways that we’ve been able to support Samantha and her team during our relationship with WBD. Through the ups and downs of recruitment activity (pre, during and post-pandemic) we’ve faced a number of challenges together and we’re proud to see this strong, growing and thriving team making such great strides.


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